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It is very weird to say things like, "I am a writer." What might qualify someone to say that?  I have no idea.  The best I can say is that, in addition to other things, I write. I've managed to make a living writing in varying contexts.


I have nearly 30 years experience as a writer, editor, trainer/educator, and business process consultant. I was a long time project manager with additional experience in event coordination and large document management.


I'm a college professor, ethics lecturer and skills mentor.


I'm a pro bono patient advocate and life coach.

I work contractually with other writers to proofread and advise on both fiction and nonfiction.  I also provide assorted writing services on a per piece fee: cover letters, letters of inquiry or complaint, assistance in college application essays, and generalized ghostwriting.

Mostly, I spend my time finding everything pretty funny.


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